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Call 000

4.4 ( 8944 ratings )
유틸리티 의료
개발자: Michael McGrath
0.99 USD

The Call 000 app is the ideal app to help you in an emergency situation. Developed for Australian residents and those traveling to Australia.

Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation, and unsure of where you actually are... Call 000 can assist you in alerting the emergency services to your approximate location. The Call 000 app can provide you with details of a street address which includes latitude and longitude. These details can be forwarded on to the emergency services.

You must have an available mobile network and location services enabled, for the app to work.

Emergency 000 calls are normally reserved for emergency only; if youre not reporting an emergency call, please consider dialling an alternate number.

When using this application you (the user) agree not to hold the developer responsible for any inaccuracies in data, GPS or network connections and/or failures.

You cannot duplicate, reproduce, reverse engineer or develop derivative works of this application, without prior consent from the developer.